Monday, March 24, 2008

The Beginning

This blog is to document my explorations in art at Ohio State University. I'm attempting to get into the MFA program at OSU, hopefully, but really anywhere that will accept me that I can reasonably afford.

I am coming from the College of Humanities with a BA, but I have been producing art in the form of drawing, painting, cold glass, and other mediums. However, I am not sure that my portfolio is strong enough in my chosen medium: cold glass. Also, with the difficulty of finding a suitable studio for cold glass, I will have to work very hard to produce enough high quality pieces to meet the minimum requirements for the portfolio. This year I am entering OSU as an undergrad again, signing up for art courses, and "getting my foot in the door", so to speak. I hope to meet with professors and get their impressions of my work and decide what I need to focus on as an artist. I'll also be working extensively in my ramshackle glass studio, pressing out fine completed pieces.

I hope to use this blog to publish my work and open it up for discussion with a broader audience outside the classroom as well as document my path through what promises to be a very interesting time of development and growth in my career. I'll be making regular posts of photographs of works-in-progress, completed pieces, concepts, and plans. I might also be posting videos and audio clips that either document progress or are just me tapping my brain.

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