Monday, May 5, 2008

If this works...

This weekend I decided to buy Photoshop CS3, but I wanted to buy the academic version, which costs a considerable amount less but can't be upgraded to CS4 later. I've seen advertisements for CampusEStore, which is the registered vendor of software for OSU on the internet, so I went to their site.

I looked around for a bit and got the version I wanted, put it in my cart, then went to checkout. When I got to the final screen it said that my software and shipping were free... At first I didn't believe it, so I went around their site a little more to see any discrepancies anywhere else, but I couldn't find any. Everything on their site was listed as 0.00. Giddy as hell and knowing about the laws of false advertising, I went back and got the best version of CS3 I could find (1200 dollar value) put that in my cart and completed my entire order, including school enrollment verification. I got a confirmation email and everything: my end cost is 0.00 and I have all the paperwork to prove it.

I think in a few hours I'll probably get some email apologizing and saying that they cannot honor that price, but I'll fight it as much as I can. If it works out, I got free software, if it doesn't, I'll still buy the regular version because I was planning on that anyway.

UPDATE (5/6/08): They canceled the order! No explaination or anything. Their site was also down all day yesterday after I made my order. Hehehe... I bet they had to send out several hundred cancellations. Sigh. 300 dollars. Is it worth the price to make good art?

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