Friday, May 2, 2008


Sooooo... I washed my laundry with my room mate's detergent because I haven't bought any of my own and I woke up this morning with hives all over. At first I didn't notice it, but after getting to class I started feeling really itchy, then I noticed little red dots all over my arms.

I had to take some benadryl and now I'm washing everything all over again. I mean everything: towels, sheets, sweatshirts, socks, underwear, washcloths, you name it. So my whole Friday will be dedicated to that. Fun.

In other news: My final project for my digital art class has to be externally displayed images created in photoshop... That fits so well with my previous artwork! I'm really excited to work on it, but I have to start soon. This weekend I am going to try to get someone to take me out to my old apartment to grab all my junk from the studio to begin working on it.

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