Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is where we find ourselves.

These images were created for a project in my digital art class where I was tasked to create a digital landscape. I began by drawing a landmass with my digital pen, then clone stamped images from google maps and the internet to create a totally fictional island chain. I then made it more "official" looking by adding markings in an alien language along with graphs and that are obscure as to their purpose. Finally I edited some of my own photos from China to make them look like places on interest on the map. The originals are very high resolution, but I shrunk them for posting on this blog.

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Anthony Castronovo said...

Great project! I really like how you incorporated real-world mapping technology and manipulated it to create something of your own- The third image is really effective with the excepts from the street, and the way you blended everything...It looks really great-