Saturday, April 19, 2008

Art shows

This weekend I went to my friend Jeff Fernegel's art show. He is a really creative artist who makes some very fun paintings. His painting style is almost like seeing a frame illustrated from the middle of a story. When viewed it feels like there should be some long explanation or back story, but it isn't there. When the elements of color and characters are factored in, there is a sense of childishness that really comes out powerfully. In effect, it feels like having the climax of a childhood dream painted.

Check out his blog, which has some of his paintings in it:

It was a really good show. He had it in a great space, but it was a one-night-only deal, so a lot of people showed up. Also, being that it was so quickly up and over, his paintings were being sold left and right. I think he must have sold 90% of his paintings two hours. People would come in already knowing what painting they wanted and just pay him right there. I was really happy for him as well as reassured that it is possible to sell art in this city. Hopefully, when I make my emergence onto the gallery scene, I'll do half as well.

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